Casual Games Localization

Small, Short, Simple
That´s how you want your casual game and that’s exactly how we will localize it. MoGi Group specializes in providing your casual game with the translation that best suits your needs and those of the players.

Small but with great content, short deadlines for large volumes and our simple, straight–forward customer service on top. MoGi Group guarantees high–quality results.

Fast, Fresh, Funky

That’s how your game looks, feels, and sounds and that’s how we will present it in every possible language. The native professionals from MoGi Group will make sure even the vibe of your casual game is fully translated in order to strike the right tone with your worldwide audience.

Delivering fast results and providing fresh and original solutions, MoGi Group is the perfect partner for a funky and functional localization of your Casual Game.

MoGi Group Connects Your Casual Game to the World

MoGi Group’s localization specialists are not only native language experts but also keen gamers. They understand the specifications of casual games and know the importance of leaving an instant good impression on your players. In order to do exactly that, MoGi Group does more than translation; we fully localize your content to make it appealing to both linguistic and cultural standards. Aiming for a correct, consistent result and never letting your target audience out of sight, MoGi Group assures the best end product for every type of casual game.

Our Casual Games Localization Services Include:

  • Dedicated and experienced project management team
  • Account management
  • Localization specialized in casual games (native speakers only)
  • Proofreading (native speakers only)
  • Quality Assurance (QA) as part of our localization services includes:
    • Semi-automatic terminology verification
    • Consistency checks
    • Terminology validation
    • Creation and validation of initial terminology
    • Terminology team to update all changes during the project
    • Character length checks
    • Ensuring there are no missing translations
    • Glossary validation
    • Final content QA
  • Delivery in same format
  • Post-delivery support
  • No exclusivity charges

Play it Safe, Play it Right with MoGi Group

Are you looking for a reliable, quick and motivated partner to deliver your casual games translations in time and budget? MoGi Group will do just that and more. With our vast experience in gaming and localization, every new game is not a limitation, but a challenge to perform better and faster.

So if you want to provide your casual game with the highest quality translations to target audiences worldwide and speak to gamers in their own language; don´t hesitate to play it safe and count on MoGi Group´s professional services.

Contact us today for the localization of your next casual game.


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