About Us

MoGi Group is a leading Brussels–based translation and localization company. Dedicated to software, website and game localization services, we specialize in website translation and game testing  in over 40 different languages. Our international team of experienced project managers, translators, proofreaders and testers provides high quality services for a wide range of businesses and industries. Our team is ready to take on any challenge, but specializes in the following areas:

Our Approach

MoGi Group guarantees a first–class localization process from start to finish, producing results within both budget and deadline. We use a broad network of resources to handle each project in an accurate, efficient manner, delivering a high quality service that meets your needs.

Our project managers ensure the smooth progress of your project through each stage of the localization process. All of our proofreaders and testers are native speakers and, with over 400 qualified translators at our disposal, we will match your project to someone with the relevant experience and expertise. Our translators are specially selected, providing punctual, precise results for your project.

A Unique Solution for Every Project

MoGi Group has designed a unique working process that integrates translation, proofreading and quality assurance. This comprehensive approach enables us to speed up the localization of your project, handling large volumes efficiently while catering to linguistic and cultural demands. No matter what the size, we provide the best solution for your business projects; fast, accurate, and linguistically and culturally localized in all languages.

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