Computer Game Localization

Computer game localization is often set apart from other localization practices due to specific intricacies in the process. MO Group International provides an accurate localization service that complements the computer game development process, allowing you to fulfill your vision.

What do we do?

MO Group International offers a wide range of services that meet the specific needs of game publishers and developers. Our comprehensive service options cover the game development process at every stage and provide solutions for even the most tricky game localization issues. We provide the following specialized services:

How do we do it?

At MO Group International we understand the demands of the international computer gaming business and the strong competition in the market. We can help you achieve your specific product targets within the tightest deadlines.

  • We have experienced and dedicated translators and project managers who can handle very high volumes of text
  • All our localization experts are native speakers with a high awareness of language specific expressions, vocabulary, style and form
  • We do not only focus on linguistic aspects, but also on moral, social and historical issues that might play a role for your localized product

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