International Video Game Community Management

In an age where internet socialization is becoming more and more popular, the need for an effective communication strategy connecting you as game publishers and developers to your online community is becoming increasingly important.

Game enthusiasts join online communities because they are interested in your games and in everything associated to them. Community Management therefore provides your customers with the essential tools to interact and express themselves in an online gaming forum characterized by community spirit and gaming enthusiasm for your specific game.

MO Group International offers a wide range of Community Management services for all genres of games:

  • Management of all aspects of daily Online Community life, including forum posts, blog entries, online chat, press releases, newsletters, review boards, special events, contests, quizzes and gaming news updates and feeds amongst others.
  • Multilingual Community Management Services in over 25 different languages.
  • A motivated team of Community Managers dedicated to communicating and interacting with your online gaming community, keeping players engaged and enthusiastic about your game.
  • A professional team of Moderators responsible for moderating the forum and establishing standards, enforcing rules and setting the appropriate tone for the site.
  • Evaluation Reports outlining the successes of your game as well as important feedback and ideas from the community about constructive improvements for future games.
  • A Flexible Community Management Project that is tailored to your every need and specific requirement.
  • Translation Services for forum content in over 40 languages.
  • Multilingual Copywriting Services to create new content such as articles, polls, press releases and other interactive tools.

What are the advantages of working with us?

  • Community Management can be very time consuming – we therefore offer to manage all aspects of your online community activity efficiently and if required, on a daily basis.
  • At MO Group International, we employ qualified, native Community Managers, Moderators, Translators and Copywriters in over 40 languages in order to ensure high-quality communication.
  • All our Community Managers have professional experience within the gaming industry and are big game enthusiasts themselves.
  • Our prices are very competitive and our services flexible, meaning that we can offer different service levels tailored towards your own needs and budget.
  • The flexibility of our Community Management services enables us to handle both large and small projects, meaning anything from one-hour per day to full-time management.

Connect with your players by creating your very own active and productive online community!

For more information about our Community Management services, contact our experts at MO Group International.


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