Functional Game Testing

Functional testing identifies errors that affect a game’s capabilities or how the user will experience a game. As game competition intensifies, delivering a bug-free product is crucial. Due to the balancing act of complexity of game software and its many opportunities for bugs being introduced on the one hand and the end user’s expectation to get a fun product that is released on time and works flawlessly on the other hand, even the smallest titles require thorough functional testing. Amongst the possible issues that need to be detected are:

  • Crashes, hangs and performance issues. While probably the most obvious bug to spot when coming across it, a crash or hang does not necessarily need to be in the obvious or main path of the game. In many cases timing, configuration and the combination of different actions play a crucial role.
  • Gameplay issues. These can be progression stoppers, problems with the controls of the game, events that don’t get triggered or are triggered incorrectly and many more.
  • Graphics issues like graphic corruptions, clipping, problems with location, color or missing graphics and animation are wide spread especially in earlier stages of the development cycle.
  • Audio and Text issues. These often result from changes that are made to the game mechanics after text and audio have been implemented, but even if this is not the case there is plenty of room for error. Problems can range from incorrect instructions and inconsistencies to issues with style and mood.

Functional testing with MO Group International will help your company deliver error–free products that attract and compel new players to your game. Functional testing can include many different varieties of testing. To learn more please view MO Group International’s extensive testing process. All testing at MO Group International is carried out by experienced testers who are keen gamers. Assigned to your testing project is an experienced QA Project Manager who will supervise the project every step of the way.

If you would like to speak to a functional testing expert who will be able to offer you advice on your project and explain how we can help, please contact us today.


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