Video Game Voice Over Recording

A professional voice-over is an essential part of every good game. MoGi Group knows exactly how to find the best suited and lively sounding voices for your game and record a high-quality voice-over.

The  MoGi Group approach

MoGi Group assures to deliver the script in an accurate, inventive and innovative way and within the tightest deadlines. We can produce voice–over recordings in up to 35 languages including all European languages, US English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Furthermore MoGi Group provides your message with the best native speaking voice talents who will create various voice–over samples for you to choose from. We have a large database of vocal talent (actors as well as voice–artists and presenters) for the spoken word and singers or sound–a–likes (English only) for gaming. This allows you to pick the best voice for the specific character or context in order for your recording to strike the right tone with your audience.

Our post-production services

MoGi Group also offers excellent post-production services, including every possible audio post-production that can be done;

  • Voice and Sound Effects – effecting voiced audio or mixing with SFX
  • Mixing voice, FX & music to create complete sound–tracks for in–game movies, video and animations (for all markets)
  • Timing to picture (assumes, if in a localized language, that script has been translated so it will fit original time codes)
  • Dubbing new languages onto existing, source–language assets.

Why MoGi Group?

Are you looking for a first–class voice–over recording to provide your game with necessary and suitable sound? Do you want to make your characters come to life by using the accurate voice representation for every mood and situation?

Don’t hesitate to contact MoGi Group to deliver your top–quality voice–over in a fast, budget–friendly and appropriate way.


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